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For the past several years NCPTA has worked with a company called Multiview to provide a news brief to NCPTA members which included physical therapy articles. NCPTA has terminated its relationship with Multiview and will be issuing a NCPTA Newsletter with information related to what is happening with NCPTA and physical therapy in North Carolina. It is the intent to publish the newsletter on a bi-weekly basis; ultimately, moving to a weekly update.
We plan to continue the format used by Multiview in that we will include the lead paragraph(s) of the article as part of newsletter with a link to the rest of the article which will be posted on the website under the appropriate tab. As you may have observed, our website is still under construction, but by linking the newsletter articles to the website, the content will grow, and we hope you will be become more familiar with the website.
As with any new venture, we do not have a name for the NCPTA Newsletter. As many of you know, NCPTA previously published the Tar Heel Journal, which was a paper publication, that is no longer in publication. To find an appropriate name for our new publication, we are sponsoring a contest to “Name the Newsletter”. The winner of the contest will receive a generic gift card. The Board of Directors will be voting on the names submitted at their Board meeting on January 6. In order to enter the contest, please submit your suggested name, or names, to Nancy Garland at by December 29. We look forward to your suggestions.
This week we will be featuring articles from our new Board Directors–Flo Moses, Director of Payer Relations, and Jennifer Martin, Director of Practice. Flo will be reporting on the APTA State Government Affairs Policy and Payment Forum which she attended in September. Jennifer will be introducing herself and the responsibilities and plans of the Director of Practice.
We would also like to use the newsletter as a vehicle to let members know what is going on at the district level and what Special Interests Groups (SIG) are doing. So, district chairs and SIG chairs, please let us know if you have upcoming events you would like to have published in the newsletter. Also, if you would like to provide an after report of an event, we would be happy to include so members will know what is going on around the state. We would also like to have your suggestions on articles that you would to see in the newsletter. If you have suggestions for articles, please send them to me.
Nancy Garland
NCPTA Executive Director




Thank you to all of the supporters of patient access to physical therapy services. We are just $900 away from breaking the $50K mark for the campaign. We have just a few days left to meet this goal. 

NCPTA continues to fight for our members and their patients in our federal antitrust lawsuit. Rest assured, the NCPTA is committed to that federal lawsuit for as long as it takes. Please consider a contribution to our legal defense fund--$100, $250, $500, or even $1,000. Thank you for considering support.

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