Send Thank You to Senator Tom Tillis

Last week we asked you to thank Sen. Tom Tillis for offering an amendment to the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) that included language proposed by APTA to add PTAs and occupational therapy assistants to the TRICARE program with the understanding the bill needed to be passed by the House and Senate and then sent to the President for his signature. Well, it was quick: a week after an agreement was reached on legislation that would allow physical therapist assistants (PTAs) to participate in the TRICARE payment system used throughout the US Department of Defense health care system, both the US Senate and House of Representatives have passed the bill. It's now ready to be signed by the President. This is a significant win for PTAs, but an even bigger win for patients in the TRICARE program.

We still need to thank Senator Tom Tillis, a North Carolina senator, who introduced the amendment to include PTAs under TRICARE. It is important when legislators support Physical Therapy that we thank them for their efforts. We encourage NCPTA members to contact Rep. Tom Tillis to thank him for introducing the amendment to the NDAA that adds PTAs to the TRICARE program. You can contact Senator Tillis at (202) 224-6342 or at  

The message is simple, "Thank you for introducing the amendment to the National Defense Authorization Act to add services provided by Physical Therapist Assistants to TRICARE. This will enhance the services provided to military members, military retirees, and military families."

If you have any questions, please contact Nancy Garland at Once the legislation is signed by the president, it will be necessary to promulgate regulations for the new policy to go into effect. APTA hopes that the regulations will be issued and go into effect sometime next year. To follow this legislation, go to



Thank you to all of the supporters of patient access to physical therapy services. We are just $900 away from breaking the $50K mark for the campaign. We have just a few days left to meet this goal. 

NCPTA continues to fight for our members and their patients in our federal antitrust lawsuit. Rest assured, the NCPTA is committed to that federal lawsuit for as long as it takes. Please consider a contribution to our legal defense fund--$100, $250, $500, or even $1,000. Thank you for considering support.

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